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MGD Marmara Recycling was found in 2006, facility investments and licenses study completed in 2008 and then start-up the activities. The A company starts with a scrap metal business in 1970, today; in Gebze (central) and Manisa-Turgutlu built on the 35.000 m2  field recycling area, with license owned and strong infrastructure company leading the activists all types of point in the recycling industry. It is an organization that is not satisfied with the experience that the sector needs, it keeps improving itself and capabilities with the suppliers continuously.

Hazardous Waste Recycling

MGD; In this context, it also processes recyclable hazardous waste.

Non-Hazardous Waste Recycling

Plastic, Metal, Paper, Textile Products, etc. non-hazardous wastes; MGD facilities are processed through various processes and returned to the industry as raw materials.

Refrigerator Recycling

Refrigerator and other cooling equipment; items that are used to protect the freshness of food products and they are an integral part of our daily lives.

Scrap Metal Processing and Import

MGD is one of the first recycling companies which obtained Scrap Metal Import Permit License and Metal Scrap Processing in Turkey.

Electric and Electronic Goods Recycling

With the rapid development of technology in recent years, a significant amount of e-waste is generated as a result of the utilization of electrical and electronic equipment, which has increased necessarily in use.

Product Destruction Service

MGD performs the product destruction service of the firm operating in different sectors at certain intervals safely.

Facility Dismantling

One of the main activities of MGD is Facility Dismantling. Detailed feasibility of the facilities whose production is terminated because of any reason does firstly.

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Waste Codes

You can find the originals of the waste management regulation code lists in the Official Gazette here.

4200Tons of Waste / Month

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